Almond Joy Chocolate Mousse


I have to share my newest obsession: Jell-O’s Chocolate Mousse Pudding. It’s amazing. So chocolatey and smooth! I make the instant pudding personally; all it takes is the pudding mix, milk, a hand mixer and 4 minutes. It’s divine. I thought I’d dress it up a little, although it’s pretty darn great by itself.

Almond Joy Mousse

1 Jell-O Chocolate Mousse Pudding mix
1 cup milk
½ cup sliced almonds (or chopped)
½ cup shredded coconut, roughly chopped
½ cup chocolate chips, roughly chopped


Make your basic mousse pudding according to the package. this is what the mixing looks like after about 1 minute:


And after 4 minutes, it is ready!


 After the pudding has been mixed, layer the pudding, coconut, almonds and chocolate chips in a glass in a glass, like a parfait. 


Makes 4 servings, or 2 if you’re me =)


Side view is insane.


I have a new respect for food bloggers. How do you make is so pretty?

(Jell-O did not compensate me for this post, nor did they ask me to write it or contact me in anyway. I just love it that much)


Brave Brooke said...

um...YUM! This looks AMAZING!

Diana said...

I haven't dressed it up, the the plain version is pretty darn good!

Tracy said...

After not being able to eating solid foods for 2 days, I am drooling over this :)

Christine said...

That looks so good Jaime...I bet it tastes like heaven!!

Bird Stalker Photography said...

Oh, love this one. I just posted an almond joy bread pudding! Have an awesome week

allisamazing said...

It looks delicious!

Maria said...

Oh this sounds absolutely divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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