Crackle Nails

Crackle nails are fun and easy. You have to buy crackle nail polish. It can get pricey so look around for a good deal. First I painted my nails one solid color. I let my nails dry a little bit. I don't worry if they're not all the way dry.

Now apply the crackle polish generously. I don't like to do it thin but that's a personal preference.

Crackle dries very quick so move quickly when you're painting your nails. And just like that you have crackle nails.


Just Jaime said...

Snap crackle pop!

Tracy said...

These look great.
I did these to my nails, I thought it was a bit young for me, but I used burgundy underneath and black on top. I loved it...kind of Alvira-ish :)

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