I work at a school where we are deep into our live or die end of year testing. I think in test questions. You should, too.

Solve for X

25% off coupon  total purchase at Michaels + knowledge that you are getting paid for some overtime = x

A. X = going up and down every aisle just seeing what money can buy
B. X= joy, joy, joy
C. X=a basket (hand, not cart) full of supplies you didn't know you needed
D. all of the above.

Obviously the answer is D!

Even though I wasn't planning on beading, I found myself drawn to the beads.  This is what I bought:

This is what I made:

I also bought this which was on clearance for less than $2! I can't wait to see where I can use it.
I tried it out on some wrought iron sconces that I needed to be a little more bronzish. This is how they turned out:

It felt really good to create!


Just Jaime said...

Great deals and really pretty necklaces! I feel drawn to beads right now too!

Tracy said...

Great finds :)
Your necklace is so pretty, beautifully done :)

Izzy Anderson said...

These turned out really great! I love finding deals like that and making pretty things!

Unknown said...

those wall sconces turned out great! i always seem to be drawn to beads as well, but i never really do anything with them - i have quite the collection!

i hope you'll pop by for a visit!

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