Baby Doll Clothes

Remember how last week I showed you Preslee's first birthday party and enticed you by telling you I made her baby doll clothes?

I stayed up late most of the nights that week making her romper and all the other decorations as well as 5 outfits for some babies that I found for her at a consignment sale. There was a bag with two babies, two bottles, a hairbrush, toy rubber ducky, and about 10 diapers. I don't remember the price but I know I went on 75% off day so I probably didn't pay more than $2 for it all.
What I bought
I scoured the internet for tutorials and patterns for baby doll clothes. I found a cute blog that has free patterns and she had a whole project called the "Nakey Baby Project" to clothe a baby doll.
(Headband not pictured)

Here are the first two projects I did:
L: 3 & 4 (headband not pictured above) R: 6 & 7 
3: Is a little top that I had a hard time following the instructions so I just kind of figured it out as I went along. I made the top, adjusting for the small size of the doll although I didn't line it and it is really thin fabric- so I should have. Since the doll is so small I just put a small ruffle at the bottle of the bodice and called it good.

4: I just winged this one. I cut a strip of fabric about 5"x16" and hemmed one edge. I folded the top over to for casing for the elastic and  sewed the two ends together leaving the top open to insert the elastic. I inserted the elastic and sewed the top closed.

Headband: I measured the baby's head with the elastic and 1 1/2 the length to get the length for the fabric. I cut it about 2" wide which was a little too wide. I sewed the top and bottom together with wrong sides facing and turned it inside out. I inserted the elastic and sewed it all closed. I tied the ribbon in a bow and hand sewed it on.

6 & 7 Is a reversible dress with two pairs of matching pants- one for each side of the dress. One of the pairs of pants has elastic at the bottom which was really hard to put on since the area you're working with is so small.

L: 6 & 7 R: 1 & 2
6 & 7: I made the same pants only didn't put elastic in the bottom. The pictures shows the back. See instructions above.

1:  This is the peasant top she describes. She made hers with a knit fabric that didn't need to be hemmed which I didn't. I also had a really hard time with the elastic. I would attempt this again but my first try didn't turn out very well. WAYWARD!

2: I measured around the doll's waist with elastic, cut, and tied the elastic . I cut1/2"-1"wide by about 5"  pieces of tulle. I folded them in half, put the folded part around the backside of the elastic and pulled the ends through the loop around the elastic- See picture below. I continued until the elastic was all full.

To make this I measure a double over piece of fabric leaving 1" extra on each side of the doll's body for the width and from the doll's shoulders to knees plus 1.25". I hemmed the bottom and made a casing at the top for the ribbon. I sewed the sides together and cut the arm holes. I hand hemmed around the top of the casing and the arm holes. I inserted the ribbon and it was done. By far the easiest one! Want to make a top for you like this from an old T-shirt? See tutorial here!

Here PB is loving on her doll. Okay so I don't know if you call love throwing it on the ground but same thing!


Just Jaime said...

Awesome job! The best dressed babies on the block!

Tracy said...

Great job on all those doll clothes. sometimes they can be tricky as to the size being so small.
Yours turned out great..and I have to say again, I love how your little cutie and her dolly are dressed the same, to cute.

Unknown said...

How cute! My daughters would love this!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job. I need to try to do this for my daughter.

Heather Landry said...

That last photo is totally worth all of your hard work. How very sweet! You did a wonderful job on all of the clothes.

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