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Pinterest is a website where we can certainly get carried away very easily. When I joined I had to wait quite a while for them to get back to me and accept my request to join the site. I'm not sure if that's how it is now but maybe it is. So using Pinterest. Here's some overall tips:
  • Don't repin stuff you will never make, never read, or never look at again; it's just silly.
  • Do click on the pin to see where the original comes from and to see if it's something attainable or something you really can do.
  • Don't spend too much time on it (it's super easy to spend a lot of time on there but don't get carried away and waste time!)
  • Do have fun with it! Find fun stuff that you can actually make or create or whatever! 

Pinterest starts you out with some generic boards that are easy and good to have. You can also add your own touch to your account.
Ok here's how to create a board:
Click on the "Add +" button.

Then select "Create a Board"

Here you can name and categorize what your board will be. You can also add other pinners to the board. My sisters, mother and I all share a board which is really just full of our jokes and humor. Then just like that, you are ready to start pinning to that board!

Have any other tips for pinners?


Just Jaime said...

Great tip I found out by accident: Before you press "Pin it" highlight the text you want your description to be. It will show up after you've selected your picture.

Just Jaime said...

And another: to see what people have pinned from your website go to: your website name without the www) so for Wayward Girls' Crafts it would be It's so fun to see what people are pinning!

Laura said...

I like what you wrote at the very beginning: don't pin if you aren't going to read it or make it. I've been guilty of this.

Also, don't believe everything on Pinterest. That needs to be in capital letters really. Pinterest can't always be trusted.

Tracy said...

I never really understood it at first, and thought do I really need something else on the computer as a time sucker, lol.
Then my daughter set me up an account and I felt my way around it, and now love it.
I love your board that your mom and sisters have, yup I stalked it a while ago, teehee.

Kathy Penney said...

Thanks for the tips! My blog is all about doing projects from Pinterest so I am always looking for tips to use it better.
One beginner tip I would add: You can unfollow friends' boards without completely unfollowing the person- ie if someone is interested in something you are not but also has other great pins and boards. On your desktop go to the user and you will see all of their boards and you can select which boards to follow.
Kathy Penney @ Pinner Takes All

alice said...

Since the new app on my IPad I can not go back to the source. The info is not at the bottom. If you have this issue and know how to fix it PLEASE put it for all to see or email .
Thanks and Smiles

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