Dollar Store Valentines

I've been thinking about sending my nieces and nephew Valentines this year with a small toy rather than candy. I think they'll get enough candy that day, ya know? So I headed to my local Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, and picked up a few small toys for them. I made them into Valentines, with some plays on words.

For my spy niece, a disguise kit


An over-sized pair of glasses for my rock star nieces


And finally, a whoopee cushion for my nephew (sorry, Jordan!)


(Original idea found here)

What fun Valentines do you have planned? 


Lisa said...

Haha! All these are really cute ideas!

Laura said...

I just went over Valentine's Day puns with a student. I liked everything you bought and the sayings you paired with them. What an awesome aunt you are!

sadf said...

FUN! I love the dollar store, it's so much fun to dress up and get creative with their things since there's no guilt about budget!

Diana said...

These are very cute! I like the paper you used, too.
You are a fun aunt.
Maybe we shoudl host a Dollar Store Craft challenge!

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