Peter Pan Collar Bead Necklace

I've noticed the Peter Pan Collar trend lately and thought a necklace would be a great way to make my own embellished version. I scoured the internet to find a good pattern for the collar, because I knew I couldn't draw one free hand. The best one I found (because it has a scale on it) was made by my sparkle: Removable Peter Pan Collar DIY

Materials Needed for this project:
Stiffened felt
E600 Glue (don't use the cheap-o stuff!)

I was itching to start that night, so I dug in my craft stash and found some green stiffened felt I used on my shoe clips and elf hat. I had just enough for this collar. I really recommend using stiffened felt. Regular felt is just too weak and wouldn't hold its shape at all. I cut out the pattern and overlapped the two pieces at the center, since I wanted the necklace to be connected in the middle. Then I dug in my beads and found a ton of green beads, all purchased at different times. I laid out the beads in different ways and found something I liked. I decided to go for it that night, and used what I had on hand: super glue.

 photo peterpan3_zpscc0e354d.jpg

Here's the first time the craft gets Wayward. Don't use super glue, it's too weak. I've had to re-glue some of the beads multiple times. I finally purchased some E600 and it works perfectly! Don't go through the hassle that I did.

The other Wayward part, I didn't put anything under the felt while the necklace dried. The super glue seeped through the felt and onto my dining room table, permanently altering it (nice way of saying messing it up in that area). So, put a lot of paper/plastic under your working area and protect your furniture!

So my last step was to attach two ribbons to the necklace, on the underside. If you wanted, you could cut out another piece of stiffened felt and cover the back side, as it's a little coarse. I didn't (since I ran out of felt) and I am not bothered by it.

 photo Peterpan1_zps5d02af28.jpg

How bout a close up? 

 photo peterpan2_zps6df0cb09.jpg

I showed my friend and she was so impressed we went out and bought the supplies and she started making her own, which was SO much cooler than mine!

Here's how mine looked on:

 photo Peterpan_zps949a5a1f.jpg

Pretty cute for St. Patrick's Day too! 


Mary Pat Siehl said...

looks fab!!!!

Brave Brooke said...

I love the green beads! I had the same thought about St. Patrick's day!

Beckie @ Infarrantly Creative said...

Such a lovely necklace! AND those beads are gorgeous!

Diana said...

THe craft is great and so is the photography!

♫♪♫ Mardi said...

Very cute! I want to make one of these!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! You glued the beads right onto the felt? Do you think this would work if you sewed them on instead?


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