Scatter Sunshine! Gift Baskets and Seed Packets

This month for my visiting teaching  sisters I am going to give them dressed up seed packets in celebration of the month of May. For my VTing sisters I decided to get forget-me-not flowers. While at the store though I also decided to bring joy into the lives of more people around me and I picked up an addition 9 seed packets of various flowers. To dress them up I made a cover for the packets. I wanted them to look bright, cheery, and simple.

Dressed Up Seed Packets 
paper (12x12 sheets fit 2)
scissors and/ paper cutter
corner rounder punch

The seed packets I used are 3.25" x 4.5". To create the basic shape start with rectangle 6" x 7.25". From each side (left and right) draw a line 2" in. From the top and bottom draw a line 3/4" from the edge.

 Cut the rectangles drawn in the corners. Fold the right and left sides in and glue up the middle.

Round the corners and glue the top or bottom. Slip the seed packet inside.

 I glued a cute "Happy May" piece on each packet and left the top unglued. Deliver!

Easy Jelly Bean Cones:
No cellophane bags needed!
Sandwich baggie
jelly beans

Fill one corner of the baggie. Gather and twist the baggie.

Securely tie the ribbon and cut off the seal at the top. Round off any edges that poke up.
(see finished result in basket below)

Smile Gift Baskets
Don't we all know someone going through a hard time? Well I have two close friends/family members that have especially been on my mind lately. One of them has had her SECOND back surgery in 6 months and the other has always lived close to her parents and they had to move :( I put together a few things today to give them and here they are:

A magazine
Candy (gourmet jelly beans, caramels, all reds starbursts, turtles, mnms, blow pops)
A book
Seed packets :)
An exotic smelling candle
nail polish and files

Jaime wrote me an email last night filled with lovely compliments. How cute is she? Have you done something to help someone smile today?


Diana said...

Fun ideas! I like the dressed up packets, esp.
Jaime is pretty cute!

Just Jaime said...

Great baskets!! The seed packets are so much cuter too =)

Tracy said...

So sweet of you.
Its the little things in life that make a big difference to someone.

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