A month of Pinterest menu planning Monday

This year I've been working on my menu planning. I've done pretty well, usually using a couple of my favorite cookbooks. But this month, I decided to use a different recipe source: Pinterest!

Let's be honest: most of the recipes I pin only get that far. It was time to change that. I turned to my Savory Recipe board . . . which didn't have quite as many recipes as I thought. But I did have a couple collections of recipes pinned, so I managed to find enough to fill up my calendar.

In the last week, we've enjoyed:

Chicken curry (scroll down on the page)
To make this fresh, I added coconut milk and chicken broth to make the sauce (about 10 oz a piece). I omitted the mango because . . . weird, and the mangoes at my grocery store weren't looking so happy, and skipped the zucchini because my husband doesn't like zucchini, and again, weird.

I also adapted this for the pressure cooker using these basic instructions.

It was my first time using my pressure cooker. I don't know why it is that when I try to take a picture of soup, all I can see is steam, but when I try to take a picture of steam, I get nothing. Sigh.

And I froze half of raw the meal to use for a slow cooker meal later.

[Sorry, no picture]
Spinach salad with cranberries, candied almonds, red onions and chicken (a leftover from another meal)

Black bean & corn salsa + chicken quesadillas (tortillas, cheese & chopped chicken [again, leftover])

We round out our weeks with homemade pizza on Fridays (crust recipe from Fast Easy Bread), breakfast for dinner on Saturdays and leftovers!

Upcoming meals:
This menu plan is tasty and will give us at least 3 "free" meals for the freezer! Better still, I have dinner planned from Sept 10 through October 6, with lots of ideas for the next four weeks (prime soup season!).

Do you make what you pin on Pinterest? Are you ready for a challenge?

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Just Jaime said...

So smart and great to plan ahead! I love freezer meals!

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