So what's going on with WGC?

The wayward girls have indeed been wayward this week. We apologize for our lack of posts! The NC contingent of the WGC have been involved in some big events. Last Saturday, I, along with 2 other women, spearheaded Women's Day at our church. We had about 300 women spend Saturday with us, making crafts, taking classes, and having lunch. It was all-consuming, and I have been in recovery mode this week. We had some great classes, including a couple that I showcased here earlier. Other craft classes included:
Painted glass bottles taught by Stephanie A.

These cute ties for boys taught by Melissa B.

A fruit bag made from a T-shirt taught by Liz. C

These ideas for embellishing kids' clothes by Kristie A

A crochet potholders.
It was a great day. We will be posting directions for many of these crafts at the website:

Brooke and Jasmine have both been equally busy. They taught a class on hair styles at Women's Day. Expect to see the results here soon.
Brooke also had the very exciting experience of MOVING this week. She has been very busy and is likely unpacking right this very minute. Jasmine and I have spent some time helping her.
This morning, Jasmine left for a much awaited trip out to Utah. She met up with Jordan and they will be heading north to visit a very special friend!

So that's what's going on with us!


Unknown said...

Wow! You have all been busy! We can't wait to see what you have in store the next couple weeks.

Stephanie said...

That's a lot going on for sure! I'm sure the women's activity went great, and the projects are so cute!

Sarah said...

Great projects! It's sure hard to keep blogging when life gets so busy, huh?

Enjoy your weekend ladies!!

Just Jaime said...

So glad Women's Day went well!

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