Low Calorie Wrap

I LOVE this wrap. It's super yummy and quick to make. AND it's only around 200 calories! Yes, 200 calories people.
Flour Tortilla
Lite Ranch Dressing

Starting with a flour tortilla (120 calories) add some lite ranch dressing (half a serving is 40 calories and plenty of dressing). Spread that around.
In the center of the tortilla, add some feta. A full serving is 80 calories and is a tablespoon; I halved that since feta is a strong flavor and it was just enough.
Next, layer on some turkey (30 calories) or other lunch meat like roast beef or ham which are both yummy in this wrap, too.
On top of that, add some lettuce (2 calories...if that!)

Now roll it up and enjoy your delicious wrap!


Just Jaime said...

Yum! What a great idea. I think I'd add only one thing: cucumbers!

Diana said...

And I would leave out 1 thing: FETA!
Other than that, looks good!

Laura said...

Mmm..cucumbers and sprouts would be good, but I love how simple this is. I love wraps for lunch, and this is so easy there's no excuse for me not to make it.

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