Toddler Distraction Question- Help Please!

I decided last week I was going to put together a box of things that would highly interest my 15 month old PB. If I am sitting in the room with her she sits and plays if I stand up and walk to a different room she is glued to me whining. Yes, I know this is very typical but I would like her to learn independence as well as strengthen her fine motor and problem-solving skills. I have looked at many Pinterest boards and pins as well as done a Google search for ideas but they all violate the rules that I want for my box-o-distraction:
Please note a few things about this picture: how tired she looks (no nap), the cat is sitting on  folded laundry (no more folding for Mom), PB can reach just about everything. 

  1. Mess free. I can deal with picking up pieces but not paint, spaghetti, or shaving cream.
  2. Activities on her level. She is not interested in matching or counting yet. 
  3. Inexpensive. I'm not spending $5 on an activity when my toddler only has a 30 second attention span on a good day.
  4. Safe so she can be unsupervised. The whole reason I want this box is so I can get dressed or make meals without PB being in danger of hurting herself on the hot stove or curling iron because she is glued to my knee cap.
I do have a few ideas that I plan on doing: a wipe container with fabric squares she can pull out, balloons filled with play-doh, and a water bottle with water a beads inside. 

So now I'm asking you faithful readers:

What would you put in an Early Toddler Distraction Box?
Links and tips are much appreciated!!

Click here to see what I came up with


Lisa said...

I'm interested to see what you come up with. Connor is 12 months, but his absolute favorite toy is his stacking cups. I got them for like $3 at Ikea and they keep him occupied for much longer than anything else. He also loves empty water bottles so I was thinking about taking a few and putting interesting things like glitter or beads inside them.

The Mrs. said...

Do away with the box and use an old or cheap big purse. Fill it with un-used or unknown keys hooked to LOTS of fun kid friendly key rings (no small pieces), an old or cheap wallet with cards you no longer use ( expired, or the ones that come as an example in the mail, or you can make cards from fun card stock and laminte or wrap in clear packing tape), an empty childproof medicine bottle (decoupage with cute wrapper so it doesn't resemble the filled and still active bottles you use in your house) and fill with big pieces of macaroni (good shakers and safe if she does happen to open it), an old cell phone (I keep an old one that I still charge for my Ady...they know the difference of one that works and doesn't work (needs to light up when they push buttons), An old altoids tin filled with cheerios, a little photo album (one of the cheap plastic ones found at the $1 store) filled with pictures of her family, grandparents, cousins, pets etc...a passy, one of her board books, a couple of her own toys... etc. The key is to make it look like it is a bag mommy uses everyday. Ada will sit all day long and empty my purse and wallet.
Somedays it seems as if parenthood is all about lying and deceit :)
Just an idea.
Good luck!!

Shiloh said...

Ooh, I love the purse idea. I have a drawer in the kitchen that I keep all my plastic storage containers (tupperware) in. It's the bottom drawer and she used to spend hours playing/ emptying that out. I also let her empty my pots and pans cupboard and the drawer under the stove with cookie sheets. It's noisy, and cluttery, but it was definitely worth it for me.
Good luck!

Maranda said...

Wow that purse sounds amazing, I want to play with it. I was also going to say stacking cups.

Jordan McCollum said...

The purse is BRILLIANT. LOVE. You should totally post this on the blog (with credit of course) when you're done next week!!! (Or . . . whenever)

Tracy said...

Plastic tupperware containers and something she can hit it with, lol. Or another sibling, teehee.

The Mrs. said...

Oh yes, post it! I would love to see how crafty and adorable you'll obviously make it! Then I'll add a link on lmaap ;)

Ashley said...

I agree with Tracy ^

If I give Charlie and Walker a tupperware container, a few cars, and a big spoon, they are SET!

I LOVE the idea of a container with fabric squares.

PS....I feel like I have to see a pic of those furry boots you talked about yesterday :-)

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