Autumn Orange Glitter Vase

Last year I made this glitter vase for my fall decor. It has held up great in storage and looks awesome still. This was originally shared on Craft Junkie Too last year. 

On Monday I headed to my local Goodwill. I love that place, even if it is dirty and was especially smelly on Monday. Anyways, I spotted this beauty:


I loved the orange stripes and the price, 99 cents! The problem was that the paint came off really easily. As in, I rubbed it with my finger and off it came. I wanted to keep the color but had to fill in a bunch of scratches. I recruited a friend to help me figure out a way to salvage the color. We brainstormed forever but couldn't find a solution. Finally, I decided on glitter.I got way too much orange glitter at Hobby Lobby, but now I've started my glitter collection I guess. Then I got to work.

Modge Podge
Container for Modge Podge mixture
Newspaper to prevent messes


Paint Brush

After prepping your area with newspaper, pour some Modge Podge into your container


Step 2 is to pour in a LOT of glitter


Step 3: swirl the mixture around until it’s the thickness you want. I waited to use my paint brush to mix it until I had a lot of glitter in there. A LOT.


Finally, paint that sucker. Like I said, I wanted it to be really thick. And it was really thick.


Here it is drying. It took several hours to dry. Once the white disappeared, I saw a few places I needed to fill in. Easily done!


I LOVE the statement that it makes. Very bold. Very orange. Very bling. Perfect for fall. I love a piece that isn't just Halloween and can stay out until Thanksgiving.


Here's how I styled it for 2011.

On the table:


And 2012:


Tune in next week to see the whole tablescape! 


Laura said...

I like the branches and grasses in there, so I'm excited to see the whole tablescape.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh my! very cool!! love this!

Tracy said...

This turned out great.
Love that you re-purposed it.

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