Bathroom Reveal!

I need to catch up with you. I have two unfulfilled promises that I never followed up on. You can slap my wrist!

 Promise # 1: I promised back in October that I would show you our costumes. I am disappointed to say we didn't win any contests but just as a refresher we went as X-Men. I was Storm, my hubby was Scott/Cyclops, Jasmine was Rogue, and PB was Professor Xavier.
PB looks like a little boy but that's okay it was only one night :) I should have made sure she had in her pink paci. Oh well! Her suit I showed in a tutorial in the link above and her "shirt and tie" were sewn onto a bib and the edges were tucked in her coat.

Promise #2:  I made a couple weeks before the costumes when I promised to show you our bathroom remodel. It did take us a while (3 months-ugh!) but it has been finished for a while so I need to make the grand reveal!  This project was definitely wayward! There were a ton of set backs but we finally finished around Christmas. It was nice to have our bathroom back finally!

A list of what we did:
  • Tore out the tile on the walls and replaced it with wainscoting
  • Replaced the vinyl flooring we put in right before we moved in with tile
  • Replaced the thresholds, baseboards, and quarter round
  • Touched up paint
  • Framed the mirror
  • Added accessories 

Man that list is a lot shorter than I was expecting. All of those projects are time consuming, though!

Here is a refresher as to what they looked like before we moved in:

For the past 4 years:

Under construction. The walls are ripped out. The floors are mid-tiling project and yes that is the toilet in the bath tub.

And here it is finished up!

bathroomredo 001
My accesories are from Michael's and Walmart :)
bathroomredo 002
bathroomredo 005
A close up of the tile and threshold

This is the only outlet in the bathroom and it used to be two plugs. My number one request since we moved in was to give me an extra outlet :)
bathroomredo 003
Four hooks is so much better than 1 towel rod!
It is so nice to have the bathroom back and it feels like my own spa!

Here I am making good on my promises! I hope you enjoyed!


Just Jaime said...

I think the mirror is my favorite part. Your costumes were great!

Liz Vickerman said...

fabulous re-do! love it.

Jordan McCollum said...

Nice job!! I remember now when you mentioned it before, I thought wainscoting would be a great way to just cover up the tile in our master bath.

(As we all know, that's as far as my home improvement projects get: thinking.)

Jasmine said...

email me the pic from Halloween please!! Or ya know, fb it!

Sugarr2518 said...

I love the trimmed mirror andthe color choice:)

Tracy said...

Cute costumes.
I LOVE your bathroom reno.
I want to tear apart my kitchen. But its so much work.

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