Toy Story Halloween Costumes

This year, we went easy for Halloween. My older kids used some dress-up clothes my mom sent a while ago, and we put together the rest of the costumes.

"Buzz can't smile!" my 4-year-old insisted.

My youngest was Jessie. We bought a new hat for Woody and used the plastic hat that came with his costume as Jessie's, with a braid made of red yarn taped inside. We took a button-up shirt that fit my daughter and after exhausting all our options, cut a sheet of yellow construction paper to make the yellow yoke (with red marker "embroidery") and yellow cuffs ("bracelets," we told her. She was very protective of them!).

Then we used an old size 6 T-shirt turned inside out. I cut off the sleeves, then cut up the center of the front all the way. The back I cut up to the top collar. That became the back waistband. If I'd had a belt for her, I would've threaded it through the armholes. Instead, I safety pinned the waistband on. I also safety pinned the inside of the legs of her "chaps." A black marker made it cow print.

My husband wore a T-shirt, shorts and Chucks--and a name tag reading "ANDY." I'm not in the picture because I was Andy's mom and was too in character ;) , but I wore an outfit she wears in Toy Story 3.

What are your favorite family costume ideas?


Just Jaime said...

But Buzz is always smiling! He's a child's play thing!

Very cute and good job making do!

Diana said...

You all look very cute but where is Woody's banjo.

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