Activity Days - Lesson on Repentance

We recently had a lesson about repentance in our FIGGs (Faith in God Girls/Activity Days/8-11 year old girls class). It was super fun! This lesson could be fun for a Sunday, FHE,  or even in YM/YW.

Theme: Repentance
Lesson materials: Faith in God for Girls booklet (Learning and Living the Gospel #9), Gospel Principles chapter 19, For the Strength of Youth chapter on repentance
Before prep: Gather materials including pencils, old pennies, vinegar and salt mixture (outlined below), and make copies
Lesson:  Talk about what repentance is. Read from the FTSofY booklet and write on the board what you find repentance is. Here is what I came up with:

  • Through the Atonement
  • Cleanses us from sin
  • Forgiveness
  • Change of heart and mind
  • turn away from sin and turn to God
  • Motivated by love
  • Promised to us
  • Bring peace and joy
  • Gives us strength
  • Helps us become more like Christ
Give girls this handout:

Have the girls write what repentance means to them which can include the phrases you wrote on the board. Talk about the steps to repentance.

Give the girls the dirty pennies. Pour a mixture of 1 cup of vinegar to 10 tablespoons of salt into cups for the girls to drop their pennies in to. Talk about how repentance is like the mixture. Although we are dirty and even sometimes REALLY dirty with a lot of dirt and time built up, we can become clean again. 

Give the girls the handout
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