Happy birthday to me: Copycat Gourdough's donuts! (+gluten-free version!)

Last week was my birthday (and my baby's first birthday!). For my birthday, I decided I wanted food. My husband got me some gourmet cheeses, and we made some fake Gourdough's donuts!

If you're not familiar with Gourdough's, brace yourself. These gourmet donut creations from an Austin, TX, food truck are nothing short of amazing. Happily, a group of food bloggers was treated to dozens of Gourdough's to create homemade versions. I started preparations later in the day than I wanted to (and I'd already had pleeeeenty of sugar), so I went for the easy route and narrowed down my choices to two:

 The "Flying Pig"
Candied bacon and maple glaze
Copycat recipe from The Novice Chef

Cream cheese frosting, caramel apple pie filling, peanuts and caramel syrup

To make them even easier, I bought jumbo pop-tube biscuits. I used a small cylinder (about 1" in diameter) to cut out the middles on some of them, and left others whole to deep fry them.

They fry pretty quickly (though the yellow foam they make is kind of disconcerting . . . ). Within a couple minutes, our donuts were ready for assembly! The only other things we really had to make were the maple glaze and the candied bacon.

I have to admit: I've never tried maple/bacon anything. I like both of them, but I've been too scared to try them together. And of course they were amazing! The mix of salty, smoky and sweet—and of course fried dough—was amazing. Plus, these come together so fast, they're dangerous!

Gluten-free version!
We had some gluten-free pie dough in the fridge, so I kneaded and rolled that to make some flat donuts, which I fried (not in the same oil as the other donuts!). Since my husband was also off eggs and dairy, we were sure to use dairy-free frosting and omit the caramel syrup, which contained dairy. The maple glaze could be made with nut milk, too!

How do you celebrate?

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Just Jaime said...

Yum yum yum! Next time you need more peanuts :)

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