Craft for kids, by kids: A craft stick harmonica/kazoo

Last week at Cub Scouts, my eight-year-old son made a kazoo/harmonica from craft sticks as part of the crafts achievement for Wolves. He was so proud of his craft that he wrote up the instructions himself, even thought writing is not always his favorite thing to do these days. I asked him if I could share the craft here, and he was very excited to share!

He took the picture too :)

  • Jumbo craft sticks
  • paper
  • toothpicks
  • rubber bands
  • markers to decorate

1. get 2 jumbo craft steaks [sticks]
2. get 1 same size pize [piece] of  paper
3. 2 toothpicks with cuters (ask a adult to help)  [cut the toothpicks to the width of the craft sticks]
4.  the adult can cut the toothpicks the size of  the steak [place the toothpicks and the paper between the craft sticks like you're making a sandwich]

5. 2 rubrbans put on the 2 ends [secure the toothpicks/paper in the "sandwich" with rubber bands on the outside directly over the rubber bands]

6. coler [color]

You can hum/blow on the side to make music like a kazoo!

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