What Works for Me: 5 Laundry Tips

A few tips from a laundry lover. Well, at least a laundry-I-don't-hate-you.

1. Get separate hampers/baskets for colors and whites. This saves tons of time for sorting. We have one laundry basket for whites, darks, towels and jeans. It makes life a lot easier. I'm not wasting time sorting and I don't miss one red sock or something.

2. Figure out a laundry schedule. Based on my cleaning schedule, I found a lighter cleaning day and made that laundry day. It's laundry day every week. This makes sure we don't run out of clean clothes and that I'm not guessing when I need to do laundry next. I know it's laundry day all day, so I don't forget about a load of laundry and leave it all day to get mildew-y. Not that I've ever done that before.....

3. Get the right tools. This includes good detergent, stain removers, Oxyclean, fabric softener and dryer sheets. If you have good smelling laundry, you may enjoy it more. Plus you won't have to wash the same things over and over to get a stain out, etc.

4. Organize your dresser and closet. What does this have to do with laundry? You want to put your clothes away, but you may feel discouraged thinking you don't have the space or not sure where to put them. Also, if something is on the floor of a cluttered closet who knows if it's clean or dirty? We've all done the smell test and ended up with a negative result.

5. Try a laundry folder. Clothes folders maximize space and I think they're kinda fun to use. I like breaking it out for the clothes I fold (not very many).

What tips do you have for doing laundry?

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