What Works for Me: 5 Cleaning Tips

So since I've become a Stay At Home Mom, I've had to figure out my cleaning schedule. Here are some things that have helped me

1. Figuring out why I clean. I actually wrote it out:

When my home is neat and orderly, I feel more at ease and happier. It is easier to enjoy others. It is a welcoming place. It is safer. My husband is happier. I have a sense of accomplishment. A clean home is like salt, it enhances everything. I am the HOME maker. I make our house a home. I create the atmosphere 

2. Creating a cleaning schedule. I figured mine out through trial and error. 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Downstairs (bathroom, kitchen, tidy and vacuum living room)

Tuesday/Thursday: Upstairs (bathroom, tidy and vacuum bedrooms)

Laundry on Tuesdays

If you need a little encouragement, make a pretty chart for yourself! Here are three I liked:

3. Cleaning doesn't take that long. Seriously, I timed myself and saw just how long it takes. I was surprised. I kept putting off chores thinking I didn't have time, but I was surprised what I achieved in just 15 minutes!

4. Cleaning, happily, teaches my daughter that house work (or work in general) isn't a bad thing. I clean throughout the day and I try to sing while I do it. It entertains my baby and makes us both happier. And I make up songs about what I'm doing--it's something I got from my dad, an excellent singer and avid song-writer-on-the-fly. Cleaning doesn't have to be doom and gloom!

5. I clean for me. This is my mantra. I got it from Gretchen Rubin in the Happiness Project. She explains that she wanted "gold stars" for her hard work, like teachers used to give. If she didn't receive recognition from her husband and family about what she had done to clean then she felt disappointed. So she resolved to clean for herself. I did too and now I don't worry about praise for a job well done, because I can find happiness in my accomplishment for me. I deserve it!

What are your best tips for cleaning? Share below!

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