Sugar-Free Chocolate Silk Pie

We recently made this pie for a friend who has diabetes. 

After I took the picture I did sprinkle a little bit of chocolate shavings on top which had a tiny bit of sugar in it but it was still super low sugar. Here is how I made it!


  • Sugar-free chocolate pudding
  • Milk
  • Sugar-free Cool Whip
  • Sugar-free graham cracker crust

I followed the directions for the pudding for a pie. I let it set in the bowl for about an hour and I mixed 2/3 of the whipped cream in with the pie filling and put it into the crust. I let it set up for a couple hours and used a cookie scoop to make the dollops on top.

This pie was a little pricey because of the crust but it ended up only being around $7.


1 comment :

Jordan McCollum said...

That's so cool! We're all about the special diets lately ;)

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