Another Barrette?!? Not so much.

I needed to refresh my barrette collection, and what better way than by making them yourself? I have worn the other two that I made, and thought I would try one that was a little more intricate.
It was a little harder than I expected! I wanted to make a braided faux metal barrette using the Aleene's Tacky Glue method.
First I had to figure out how to draw a braid. This took a long time. I actually Googled images of braids and then traced and reworked it. I ended up with these pieces:

I tried out the braid:

I used the process to antique the pieces and then braided them. (This is SO much easier said then done!)

After that, I used the gold rub on a small square of brown paper bags. I punched out 2 circles to use for rivets. I used Bead Fix because I know how well it works.

So I went through all these steps, and it didn't really turn out like I had hoped. I don't think I will wear it as it is. I might try again.... I don't know. I just couldn't get the braid right. It is uneven and wayward.

Should I just give up this idea or try to rework it?

PS: This is truly a wayward post. When I looked back to get the link to the other barrette, I realized I did one of the steps wrong on this one. I don't think it would have made me like this anymore than I do now, but if I try again, I will do it right.


Just Jaime said...

I think it looks really cool!! I don't even know why you don't like it!

Brave Brooke said...

I would have never figured out that braid. I think it's too cute!

Tracy said...

I think it looks fine.
Seeing all your Aleene's projects brings me back in time a bit. I loved that show.

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