Craft-A-Palooza: Collage Painting

So I made the collage for Craft-A-Palooza and then I made another one. This time I wanted to do something I saw on Pinterest but not exactly copy it. They took a collage, covered part with a stencil and then panted over the rest. It was quite pretty but I didn't want a bird. So I chose a bear. I Googled animal silhouettes and found one I liked. I adjusted the picture to the size I wanted (print preview helps you gauge the size) then printed it out.

Then using my mom's sticker maker machine thing-a-ma-jig I made it into a sticker. Strategically placing my bear silhouette, I stuck it to the dry collage. Side note: I spent a lot of time and effort to make one spot on my board look good since the rest was going the be painted and wouldn't show. I just left the part I knew would be painted boring.The mod podge glue was slick enough the sticker would be easily removable.

Then I painted over the whole board. I could've been a little more careful around the edge of the sticker. A little bit of paint went under the edges but oh well. After the paint dries (either mostly or all the way) I took off the sticker. And voila, a collage painting!

Here's a tip:
If you want texture when doing mod podge, allow there to be air pockets or wrinkles in the paper. If you want it to be smooth, good luck! Just kidding. Apply the mod podge all the same direction (to the left or up or whatever.) Also, apply smaller piece since it's easy to get air out if it gets under there. When applying pieces, start from one side and work to the other. If you do all the edges then the middle, you're going to have some air under there. When you paint over the collage you can see the texture a whole lot better.


Just Jaime said...

Great tips for making a collage. A bear, eh? =)

Jordan McCollum said...

I like the bear! Great tips, Jas.

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