A Box out of a Box

I wanted to give my friend a present but didn't have the right sized box to put it in. I decided to improvise with an already made box. Why not? I took a granola box and cut off the extra amount. (The extra could be used for another box, too!)

I then made a cut about 1 in down each corner.

Next I folded all the sides down carefully creating a straight seam.

Then I folded the smaller edges in first, the larger sides second and there you have a box! Easy beezy!

I also wrapped it so you couldn't tell it was a granola bar box.


Just Jaime said...

So smart and resourceful!

Tracy said...

Great idea :)

Brave Brooke said...

Oooo what did you give her? I hadn't thought of that! You are great at working with what you have!

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