Cooking Challenge Introduction

Hey, all! Jasmine here! I watch a lot of Netflix. Let me repeat, I watch A LOT of Netflix. But I run out of shows and search endlessly for new ones. A couple months ago I found "The Next Food Network Star" and LOVED it. On one of the episodes each contestant was given an uncommon ingredient and they had to make something with it. This gave me an idea. What if us (wayward) girls did something similar? I thought about this for a while before sharing the idea with my sisters and mom. I pitched them my idea and all were in.

Here's the challenge:

Each of us choose one ingredient or cuisine. We share this with each other. Everyone can choose to make something out of the challenge foods chosen within the given month. At the end of the month we all share with each other what we made!

This is a fun challenge to participate in. I don't know about everyone else, but for me I was getting tired of cooking the same old meals over and over. This, in theory, was a way to challenge our culinary skills, broaden our experiences, and try new things.

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