Sunday, September 13, 2015

The mama tries Indian food

I am not a fan of curry. To me Indian food = curry, so I wasn't anxious to try it out. I also was feeling less than adventurous, so I decided to just look in the small international food section of Food Lion and see what was there. I was definitely looking for something without curry. I thought I hit on it when I saw this:
I didn't see curry listed in the ingredients and it said "Just add meat or chicken."

I tried it, (with a side of orzo risotto, I might add!)
I would give it a 2 on a 1-10 scale. I just didn't like it. I tried it, but it wasn't to my taste. Ben didn't like it much either, but Kevan did! He ate the leftovers and took the rest of the sauce home, too.


Just Jaime said...

Ha! I thought Brooke said Kevan DIDN'T like Indian. It's pretty good you know, you should try something else. I can help you find stuff that doesn't have curry in it.

Jasmine said...

At least you were brave and tried new things! That's the whole point of the challenge. NEW!

Jordan McCollum said...

Hear hear to what Jaime and Jasmine said! How about mango lassi? (It's a mango/yogurt drink, like a smoothie. Very tasty!)

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