Indian: Naan Pizza

So I'm embarrassed to say that I barely participated in this challenge! I had huge plans and I guess the impending birth of my newest baby girl (Oh yeah! Guess what I had another baby girl and she is amazing!) and tons of other stresses, I just fell short! So here are some pins of what I wanted to make. 

My husband and I don't especially care for Indian food so I thought of a way that we could tweak a traditional Indian food to be something a little more our speed. The last time we went to an Indian food restaurant we had some delicious naan bread. I thought I could make naan into pizza and I wasn't the first one with this idea!

Here are some of the recipes I found that look delicious!

Pizza #1
Pizza #2 I love barbecue chicken pizza!
Pizza #3 The chunks of mozzerella look amazing on this one. It reminds me of the prosciutto pizza I posted a while back.


Diana said...

That's a great idea! I wish I had tried bread. I love bread!!! And I love pizza!

Just Jaime said...

I love naan. So good. Cheesy naan is amazing.

Jasmine said...

Those are fun. I never thought of cheesy naan!

Jordan McCollum said...

This is a great idea! Naaaaaan. Cheeeeeeesy naaaaaaan.

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