Hair Take Over: Day 1- Bangs


You can do these with other hairstyles too. You can even do these even if you don't have bangs!

1. Braided: This is a variation of a French braid. Start by taking about a 1-2 inch section above the temple and braiding to the opposite temple. Pick up hair on either side as you go. Pin to secure.

2. Poof: Take section in the middle at the front of the head about 4 inches wide. Go back about 4 inches. Twist hair once and push toward the front of the head. You can also tease under for a fuller look. Pin criss-cross behind the poof.

3. Twist: Start with a 1-2 inch section above the temple and while moving your hands across your head twist back gathering hair from the front as you go. Push slightly the hair toward the start of the twist to give some volume. Pin to secure.

1 comment :

Diana said...

You are very talented! I wish my hair dresser was here!

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