Hair Take Over: Day Three- Girls Hairstyles

 Welcome to day number 3 of our hair take over! Today we have some hairstyles for little girls! Our numbering got a little off yesterday. 4-6 will be posted tomorrow. Enjoy! 

14. Net: Create a section at the front of the hair one inch from the hair line in the front of the head about from ear to ear. Tie the rest back. With small rubber bands divide this into equal sections and put a rubber band on each section near the scalp. (The next step of picking up each row of hair is optional the net can sit on top of the rest of the hair) The next row, again make a 1 inch section and divide into sections. These should be offset from the last row- think a brick pattern. Take half of each little ponytail and put it with the half from the section next to it along with the hair from the new row. For the end ponytails include the whole thing with the half from the one next to it. Do 3-5 rows.

15. Tiered Pony:  Section off the front of the hair a few inches from the front. Put it in a rubber band. Make a section behind that and include the hair from the first ponytail. Put it in a rubber band. Continue until you get to the crown of the head. Put hair into pony tail and put rubber bands every 2 inches.

16. Twists: Starting at the hair’s part section off the hair with the line going from the hairline to the crown about 1 inch from the hair line (can be more or less depending on desired look). While holding the section of hair in your hand start by twisting away from the part at the scalp and continue to twist while bringing the hair from the top and smoothing it over as you go. Secure the end with bobby pins or rubber bands close to the scalp. Continue in even sections.

17. Hair bow: Put hair half up or in a pony tail. Flip a 1-2 inch section forward and pull the hair into a bun. Take the piece of flipped forward hair and split the bun in half. Pin under the bun

Come back tomorrow for the rest of the hairstyles including some miscellaneous and braids.

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Diana said...

I wonder if Brooke's little girl will inherit her mom's head of hair!

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