Hair Take Over: Day Two- Buns

(most of these buns can be done on the crown of the head or nape of the neck)
7.  Messy Bun: Gather all the hair and with fastener pull half the hair half way through and with the second loop of the hair thing pull the other part half way through.

8. Curled Bun: There are two ways of doing a curled bun. The first one you put all of your hair into a pony tail and curl individual pieces. Then you pin them in a ring around the hair thing. The second way is to section off a part at the front and put the rest of the hair into a bun. Curl the pieces and pin them next to the hair thing of the bun.

9.  French Braids into a bun: I like to do this hairstyle with a side part but it can also be done with a middle part. Part the hair and braid one of the sides starting at the front of the head. Continue until you reach the crown and braid the rest in a regular braid and secure the bottom with an elastic. Braid the other side until you get to the crown. With your other hand pull in all the hair and while holding it all in one hand pull the elastic out of the first side and make hair into a bun.
This picture is not the best but you get the idea
10. Spanish Bun: Gather the hair at the nape of the neck. Curl 1-2 inch sections, flip, and pin all hair above the elastic.                                       

11. Sock Bun: This can be done by using a sock bun insert or old socks. To make the sock insert yourself take old socks and cut the toe off. Roll the sock(s) up into a circle. The bigger the bun you want the more socks (1-3) you should use. Put the hair into a ponytail. Take the sock insert and put it around the ends of your hair. Start rolling the hair around the socks/insert while moving down the hair until you reach the elastic. Secure bun to hair.

12. Side Bun: Pull all hair to right behind the ear. Use methods listed above for the messy bun or curled bun depending on look desired.     

13. Goddess Bun: Part hair down the middle. Starting about an inch from the hair line braid two braids. These can be regular or French braids. Pull all hair into messy bun at nape of neck. 

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