Interlocking Notebooks

These are the directions for the notebooks I shared a few weeks ago.

To make these, purchase notebooks and pens. These notebooks were about 5" x 8".
You will need 1   2"  fabric strips about 6 inches longer than it the measure of the front and back of the book,  1 strip of heavyweight fusible interfacing and 1 strip of fusible web the same length.

Following manufacturer directions fuse the interface to the wrong side of one of the  fabric strips. Then fuse the two strips together using the fusible web. Next, select a decorative stitch and finish the longs edges of the strips.
Lay the strip around the book and cut the last 3 inches (from the end of the fabric to the edge of the book) in the center. Wrap the top strip on the front of the book tightly around the pen.

Keep the pen snug against the book edge. Pin the loop and then sew it.
Repeat with the bottom strip on the back of the notebook. Fold in the bottom strip on the top cover and the top stitch on the bottom cover.
Next stitch the strip right onto the notebook top and bottom cover. (You may need a heavy duty needle). Trim the excess strips inside the covers.

Slip the pen through the loops to lock the notebook. Great for your purse.


1 comment :

Brave Brooke said...

This would be great for a purse to always have a pen and paper ready instead of fishing around for a crayon and receipt. :)

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