Clean House= Time for Crafting!

I have to admit it: my house is never perfect. I get grossed out easily when I clean. I have a toddler that loves to draw on things, dump things out, undo what I just did, and create all forms of chaos. This week my husband and I are trying to get back on a schedule like we were on before we moved last September. Here are some other tips that I have found useful in keeping a clean(er) home.

  • Identify what makes you not want to clean. For me I'm easily grossed out so wearing gloves helps me dive into the work. I have a pair for dishes and a pair for bathrooms that are labeled.
  • Clean when you have energy. If I leave a task to be done after my daughter goes to bed it has about a 50% chance of getting done. If I try and get it done at nap time it has a much higher success rate.
  • Have your cleaning supplies that need to move around, stored together in a toteable container. I have my bathroom supplies in a container with a handle that has a space for a sponge to dry and a spot for small things. You could also have one of each cleaner stored in each room. 
  • (As I mentioned above) Have a schedule! For me it is best for me to know that on a certain day I get  certain things gets done. Sometimes when my house is a mess and I'm cleaning an area I get discouraged because there is so much more to do but if I can reassure myself that "yeah, the laundry basket is overflowing but that's okay because tomorrow is laundry day," it makes me feel a lot better. I have a friend that does all of her cleaning on Fridays. Find something that fits in your schedule so it is feasible for you. Here is what the schedule for our house looks like. We have a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, two-story house, with a bonus room. This is laminated and put on our fridge.
    I love having fresh bathrooms starting out the week so Monday is my bathroom day. For the most part I clean rooms that are near each other on the same day. Laundry day for the rest of my life with be Wednesday. I know that I always have clean sheets on the beds and underwear in the drawers :)
  • Get everyone involved. Yesterday as my husband and I were cleaning up some leftover chores, I found little ways that PB could help us. She fetched a laundry basket for me and helped to put some clothes on the floor in the hamper. 
  • Celebrate getting your work done! When we worked as a family to get some chores done we gave PB tons of praise and went out for shaved ice. Yum!
 Do you have any tips for making cleaning less of a chore?


Just Jaime said...

Great tips! I wish I stuck to a better cleaning schedule!

Laura said...

I think I need a schedule. I get lazy and let everything go to the point where it's a huge task.

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