Crepe Cake and My Easter Bonnet

First of all, Happy Birthday Jordan!! My mom is visiting Jordan right now and I hope they have a great day all together---wish I could be there!!

Yes, I used the same picture from last year. It still works!

Last year I decided I wanted to make some type of headpiece for Easter but ran out of time when it came down to it. I made a tiny hair bow instead. This year I went BIG!

 photo IMG_20130331_193522_zpsc9a35976.jpg

Dress: JC Penney, Head Piece: DIY by me, Shoes: DSW (I wore heels to church)

 photo IMG_20130331_084255_zpsdc3520d7.jpg
Crappy cell phone close up!

I used this tutorial, but instead of using real silk organza, which would have been lighter and fluffier, I used some " special occasion" fabric. Still cute, but wish I would have gone for the organza!

Another thing I conquered was a crepe cake! I saw a crepe cake on a cooking show years ago and was intrigued. I came across sever pins on Pinterest, including Martha Stewart's version. I decided to use this recipe. 

 photo IMG_20130331_141841_zps46f60b64.jpg
The first crepe!

 photo IMG_20130331_153231_zpse45b13ed.jpg
The cake, assembled! 

 photo IMG_20130331_194819_zpsd7fd48c3.jpg
Sliced! Look at those layers!

 photo IMG_20130331_195438_zpsbd1a4c25.jpg
Topped with strawberries, a perfect combination

The crepe cake was impressive and delicious but total prep time was over 3 hours, starting the night before (heating and cooling milk, browning butter, ice baths...) and then making 20 perfect crepes (that took an hour alone) and finally assembling the cake (the fun part!). I'm not sure when or if I'll make it again, but it won't be any time soon =) Although I feel pretty expert in making crepes!

How was your Easter?
Freckles in April


Laura said...

I love dressing up for Easter. Your DIY hair piece is smashing. And I'm beyond awed by that crepe cake. Goodness! You can just see how time intensive it was, but I'm sure it was crazy tasty.

Diana said...

I wish I could have tasted it! Love your dress and bonnet!

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