Wayward Pin Fail

Ever seen something on Pinterest you think you can do? Yeah, yesterday we decided we would make something we found. We (I'm at Jordan's house and decided to make fun things with her kids) decided to make unicorn cookies/ rainbow swirl cookies.
Well...they did not turn out as expected. I had Jordan's 3 older kids help make the dough, stir in the food coloring and roll out "snakes" of each color. I only figured out how to really swirl the colors after I had done most of the batch. And the colors didn't turn out well. Also, MORE FLOUR! It might be that whole higher elevation thing but wow...these were flat flat flat. At least they tasted good!

These were definitely WAYWARD!


Lauren said...

You could call them camouflage cookies- they look like camo print and that way it would be a win!

Laura said...

They look tasty for sure. I like Lauren's idea of camo cookies.

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