Moving Week: Day 2 Pinterest Ideas

Welcome to Moving day two! To see day one which talked about supplies for moving go here.

Today we're talking about some of the tips I used from Pinterest and the ones I wished I had.

I had seen a couple tricks for packing up dishes on Pinterest and I decided to combine them.

Here is the first pin that I tried. I have two sets of dishes to I used two buckets. This only partially worked. One of my buckets was a 5-gallon bucket and the other was a 3-gallon bucket. The problem was that both buckets tapered and I'm not sure if all buckets taper but both of the ones I had did. . I put a sturdy plastic bag (like one you get from a clothing store not the grocery store) inside and then placed the bags in but they still wedged in 6 inches above the bottom of the bucket. Knowing that though you could put something in the bottom. This makes the bucket very heavy so much make sure you mark that the bucket is heavy.

I also used this trick to pack my dishes inside the buckets.

This worked well and we didn't have any casualties.

Here is one tip I wished I had used:

and here is one great blog post about moving.

Have you found any great pins about moving?

Join us tomorrow for general packing and moving tips! 

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