Backpacks and notebooks

We lost track of time this week. For some, (those waiting for the baby to be born), the week was extremely looooong. For me, I just lost track of the days and was surprised to realize it was time to post again!
Without stealing anyone's thunder, the baby was indeed born this week.

Since I am here with actual children, we have been doing baking and crafts! We decorated cupcakes from a Easy Bake Kit,  

dyed tons of eggs (50+), 

baked cookies, 

and decorated canvas backpacks.

I purchased these backpacks at Joanne Fabric and Crafts. They were on clearance, and I had a coupon. Total cost was about $3 each. We used Crayola fabric markers to decorate the bags.

Before I came, I created the notebooks shown in the top picture. The children have enjoyed writing stories like their mom. I will post pictures of how to create the notebooks when I get back to NC.

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Just Jaime said...

Love those smiles! You are missing one, though! Also, love the NC cookies and the notebooks! Looks like fun is being had with Nana!

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