Beginning of Wedding Planning

First, I need help with what to do for my pumpkin this year! Remember last year? Yeah how can I top that? I would like to do an homage from one of the my favorite movies that came out this year. So which should I choose from? Hunger Games, Spider-Man, Batman or something else? Please help!!

So I guess I can start to tell you all about this wedding of mine. I met my fiance at church away at school at the beginning of last semester. We were friends and then we were friendlier and now we're getting married! It's kind of crazy to think we're getting married!

We decided to get married in December so the winter wedding plans started with a winter color palette. My favorite color is red and his is green. Christmas right? Yeah, we're not going with a Christmas theme. So red it was. I looked at different paint chips and was able to decide the right hue. Choosing the accent color was the easy part. Either color we chose, green or red, I knew it was going to be a light gold or champagne color. After choosing colors, things got moving because decisions were easier to make. Here's my color!

So when planning an event or more specifically the wedding, you have to take into account what season the event will happen in. 
Spring: lighter, airy colors like pastels or white
Summer: bright, fun and bold colors like primary colors
Fall: earthy tones with a more red or yellow hue like fall leaves
Winter: darker colors, earthy tones still work, bluer hues like purple or deep reds and greens
Accent colors shouldn't rival your main color. Choosing metal colors like silver, gold or bronze is a great place to start. Accent colors should be more mild. Compare the colors together. Don't be afraid of being picky! I was quite picky when it came to finding the right shade of champagne.
A Million Questions I want to know the answers to:
So would you all like to know? Anything? Do you all want to know about the wedding plans (ie venue decorations, centerpiece, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, etc.)? Am I asking enough questions? I don't want to bore you readers with wedding plans so you all tell me! Thank you all :)


Just Jaime said...

I say Hunger Games pumpkin.

I want to know about everything!

Diana said...

I do too!

Maranda said...

Yes! I want to hear all about the wedding plans and see more pictures of the bride and groom! Congratulations!!

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