Tutu Costume Ideas for Adults

So I really liked my McKayla costume, but after having worn it twice and having to explain to everyone who I was, I wanted to do something a little more obvious for handing out candy tomorrow. BUT I had no time and only a tiny budget (spend as little as possible!) Here are some ideas I came up with.

I started with something I already had: A green tutu from my elf costume.

From there I brainstormed several ideas:

Hula dancer: Needed: Coconut bra (white shirt underneath for me) and lei.


Mermaid: Needed: Purple top and red hair dye


Robin: Needed: Red Shirt with "R" on it, mask


Kermit: Needed: Kermit hat and green shirt


Tinkerbell: Green top, ballet flats with puff ball, fairy wings


What other ideas can you think of for my green tutu?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

so very fun!!

Diana said...

Green Hornet? Could work with the latest update on his status!

Jordan McCollum said...


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