Potholder Purse Packet

At our church's Women's Day, which I wrote about last week, a sweet little elderly lady wanted to show me something she had made. I was kind of busy making sure that everyone was transitioning to the next activity, but since I love this little lady, I stopped to look.
Her idea was really quite cute. She insisted that I keep it, and the extra buttons to make more. I let one of the people I was working with take it home, so I had to make one to share with you today.

It is so fast to make! Just start with an ordinary potholder.

Next layer 8 - 10 ziplock type sandwich bags on the backside of the potholder. Alternate which side the zipper is on. (You could use snack size, but I was afraid they wouldn't be roomy enough.)

Notice how the zippers alternate, one on the left the next on the right.

I clamped my bags with clothespins, then drew a line in the center. Just make sure your bags are straight and that they are not hanging off any edge.

Now you are ready to sew. Be sure to back tack both ends.
Trim off the part of the bag that cannot be opened. (If you use snack sized bags you can skip this step.)
Sew on a button that opposite of the hanging loop already on the potholder.

That's it!
You can fill the baggies with whatever you will need: medicine, bandaids, pencil and paper, sewing kit, wet wipes, change.

This could be a great little quiet activity for kids-- fill the baggies with kid-friendly things like crayons, gum, tiny books, etc.


Just Jaime said...

I love this idea! My friend had one of these for her car with emergency stuff in it--band-aids, meds, wipes, etc.

G Inspires said...

What a great and easy idea! Thank you for sharing. I could think of so many different uses for this handy little guy!!!!

Nancy said...

This is SO clever! I'm already thinking about who I can make these for as gifts. Thank you!!!

Rita B Caldwell said...

I love this idea and what a great idea for teachers or co-workers at my office. Thanks so much!!

Laura said...

How AWESOME! Perfect for coupons, for band-aids, for those little things you need to keep track of. And so simple!!! Totally making some of these for Christmas gifts. Thanks for sharing!

Diana said...

Thanks for stopping by! Let us know if you make one.

Tracy said...

I have seen these before that thought it was a great idea then, but forgot to make one.
Thanks for the reminder, love it.
Great idea to use it for kids things.

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