Stockings in October

I am not usually one to jump the seasons, but this year I have to get an early start. With Jasmine's wedding a few days after Christmas, I need to get things done early. One added benefit of having a Christmas wedding is that everyone will be home for the holiday. This makes me very happy, but a little stressed! This is why.
Long ago, I made patchwork stockings for the girls. They were personalized to represent things they liked at that time.

 Each one is sewn with trims, satin stitching and embellishments. They are lined with a white fabric.

Eventually, our family expanded when Jordan married. I made one for our new son-in-law. Amazingly, they had a wonderful little baby who needed a stocking. Not long after, we added another son-in-law when Jaime married.

 Husband #1 has ties to Scotland, so he got lots of plaids, including a small patch of his own tartan plaid. Husband #2 is a huge Yankees fan, so that featured prominently in his stocking. Baby got baby things.

Of course, Brooke couldn't be left behind, and it wasn't long before we needed one more stocking.

 As I had a little more time when I made these individual ones, I added special embellishments such as a handmade tassel, specially printed fabric, and nice thread.
Yep, I made the tassel. The clan tartan is the blue, green, and white one on the left. I used a fancy stitch on the right side.
Hubby #3 loves dogs -- both police dogs and golden retrievers. I printed this on fabric with my ink jet. 
Hubby #2 is in economics, so I chose a money fabric trimmed in gold.

 These later versions have fun, personalized linings, too. For example,

The backs are also patchwork, but without the embellishment.

Now, however, I need to get 3 stockings made kind of fast. I felt like I didn't have time to sew patchwork.
I decided to use iron on adhesive.
So I cut the backing fabric and the iron on adhesive in the shape of the stocking. Follow manufacturers instructions. (or don't. It's up to you!)
I placed the backing wrong side up and laid the adhesive on it. Next, I cut out fabric into squares. I still had fabric from the first stockings, so some fabric appears in all 11 stockings.
Then I started laying out the blocks on the adhesive/backing sandwich. I had to trim some and move them around to make things fit. I allowed the blocks to hang over the edges. When I was satisfied with the design, I made sure no adhesive was showing. I carefully ironed the blocks in place.

I haven't finished yet, but I will make the back with two layers of fabric. I could use the adhesive between these fabrics, but there is no need to. I will sew a 1/2" seam all around the stocking, and then around the opening. I will add a ribbon hanger and trim the edges with my pinking blade of my rotary cutter.
Then I will be done, and that will be one thing off my to do list!


Just Jaime said...

I have always loved my stocking. I love how personalized my husband's is too! Great job, Mom!

Jordan McCollum said...

Awesome! We do have the coolest stockings . . . IN THE WORLD.

So are the 3 new ones for the grandbabies or for grandbabies + fiance? (Or is he not coming until later?)

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