Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Saturday Pants- Sweatshirt to Shorts

Since I moved last week I have been reacquainted with a lot of my stuff. I found an old sweatshirt from far too long ago that doesn't have a hood, so I don't ever wear it. I decided to turn it into shorts. Looking back it would have worked better if it was a tad bit bigger. The weather right now is kind of in between here in the south. We have cool(ish) nights but the days are still in the 80's. I wanted some comfy pants that didn't make me too hot.

Here is how I did it:

1. I cut off the collar, the sleeves, and the waist band. I opened it up and matched the sides together. The arm holes became the inside of the legs. I then found that it was too skinny for my legs so I cut a couple inch wide piece and added it to the inside of the legs.

2. I used a pair of shorts to see how high up to sew between the legs. I snipped and sewed. I cut off the bottom even with how long the shorts were.

3. I cut the seam off of the waist band and measured around my waist. I pulled it tight so it will hold the pants up. I cut 3 skinny pieces from one of the sleeves and sewed them together so I had one long piece. I folded them in half lengthwise and zig zagged it to make the drawstring. I cut two holes in the middle of the waist band through one layer. I laced the drawstring through one hole and out the end and into the other end and out the other hole. I evened them out and sewed the back to create a circle with the seam facing in. I then sewed it onto the top of the pants.

4. I added an edge to the bottom and was comfy all day :)


Just Jaime said...

They look awesome!

Laura said...

well, aren't you clever?! The waistband makes them look store bought.

Diana said...

YOU CUT UP A BYU SWEATSHIRT?? Blaspheme. (But clever)

Kim said...

I love them! Especially that tie-totally professional. I'm currently trying to decide which of Cam's sweatshirts to steal so I can have a pair.

Tracy said...

These turned out perfectly, they sure look comfy to me.

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