Flintstone Halloween Costumes

Yabba Dabba Doo! I thought long and hard about our costumes and ended up going with something I thought of early on. We are going as the Flintstones. I don't have pictures of us wearing them yet but I put the finishing touches on them last night. I spent a total of $16 on our three costumes.

What I bought:
One orange XL shirt 
One green 4T shirt
1 yard turquoise fabric
1 yard soft white fabric
2 pieces black felt (8x11'' sheets)
Orange hairspray
Elastic (1/2")

For my costume I just made a white skirt. I sewed the short sides together and sewed it onto elastic I will be wearing a white shirt with it since I wanted to cover a bit more skin than Wilma does :) I made the beads for the necklace out of the air dry clay. They are still drying so I don't have them on a necklace yet. I will also be spraying my hair orange.
For my husband's costume I knew there was no way I could get him into a "dress" like Fred. So I took a t-shirt in a size larger than he wears and cut the sleeves and bottom so they looked jagged. I cut triangles with rounded edges and glued them onto the shirt. To make the tie I took a piece about 8 inches wide and sewed it into a long tube. I tied a loose knot in the middle. I cut a doubled piece into a large tie shape and made two cut outs to make it look jagged. I sewed the pieces together and gathered the top and sewed it onto the knot of the other piece. I still need to sew velcro on the back for wearing it.

For my sweet little Pebbles I took the green t-shirt and cut off the torso. I used a shirt a traced about the same shape and made a smaller torso and sleeves. I cut the neckline into a v-neck. I used a long stitch and gathered the bottom part I cut off and sewed it on. I didn't mean for it to look like a little dress but it did turn out really cute! I made little spots and glued them onto the front and back. I used a part of NON-stretchy bloomers as a a guide to made her bloomers and sewed elastic onto the top. This pattern is really good as well.  They are tight so it's good she only has to wear them once! I made the bone out of the clay. I will glue it to a clip.

I will post pictures after the party we go to on Friday at church. I can't wait!

Did you guys see Jaime's costume for Halloween? I absolutely love it! She is so creative! 

To see how they looked on go here. 

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Just Jaime said...

So excited to see PB as Pebbles--as well as the rest of the fam!

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