Oatmeal Ideas

My husband and I are creatures of habit when it comes to breakfast, and for the first time ever, it is the same habit. OATMEAL. Everyday. That leaves us with a lot of these:
That's right, I am too cheap to buy Quaker!

Everytime I throw one in the recyling bin, I pause. I just feel like this container is full of possiblities. I was thinking I could use them to put Christmas gifts in, but I don't know. It's not like I have room to store them for a second use.

I did a quick inventory online and found some ideas. What do you think?

Find it at Mrs Mary Ann's House.
Kind of what I was thinking about.  What else is out there?
Cute idea! You could also make smaller ones from salt containers.

I think this is very pretty. Too bad I can't stand to wear a headband!

This looks good, and I have that very gluegun. It burns you really badly.

And my favorite one for this time of year:

I love it!

So, what ideas do you have so that not one more oatmeal container goes in my recycling bin?


Just Jaime said...

Great ideas! I always want to do something with those containers too!

Jordan McCollum said...

Fun, Mom! You got Dad eating oatmeal??

Kim said...

I wonder if it would work as a luminary... that would be fun. Also, I hear they're big enough for two rolls of toilet paper.

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