Spooky Nails

Sometimes some ombre nails that I see on pinterest to me look like fungal infections. So I thought, "why not try this out for Halloween?" So here's my experiment in icky, spooky nails for a which or creepy old lady costume.

I used four nail polishes: white, gold sparkle, blue sparkle, and emerald.
I started by painting my nails white. Getting a good layer of white is tricky. The first coat I did thin so it would dry faster and I knew it wasn't going to show so I didn't really care what it looked like. The second coat I did slower with more paint on the brush, reapplying paint to the brush often so I could get a solid, even coat. Then, starting at the cuticle, I painted on gold sparkle leaving 1/4 of my nail white.
I then alternated the gold sparkles with the blue sparkles, creating several coats each getting shorter (closer to the cuticle) as I layered them.
I decided this wasn't spooky enough. So I wanted to add some real creepiness to it and I decided to line my cuticle with a darker emerald green. I did this by dipping a detail pen (you can also use the head of a sewing pin) in the polish and lightly drawing a line, reapplying paint to the brush every few small, teeny, tiny strokes. I almost dotted it on the strokes were so tiny.
Then, while the green line was still fresh, I added another layer of the gold sparkle on and a whole thick coat of it too so the layers and colors would soften together.
So, what do you think? I don't know about them...but they definitely look icky! Is a win or a flop??


Just Jaime said...

Very spooky and a little fungal. Perfect!

Brooke Kenny said...

Those are pretty spooky for sure! :)

Jordan McCollum said...

I'm with Jaime. Fungal. Win!

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