Homemade Costume Ideas

It's about time to decide on a Halloween costume. We love great costumes. Here are some ideas we've shared:
Brooke, her husband, Jasmine and PB were X-Men:  
Storm, Cyclops, Rogue and Professor Xavier 


Brooke made that little suit! Cute huh? 


Jordan's clan also did family costumes, and she made her daughter's princess dress:

Jaime and her husband were characters from Harry Potter: Professor Trelawny and Snape

On Jordan's personal blog, she also has an AWESOME list of family costume ideas. Plus more great costume ideas if you are expecting. Look, they're Phineas and Ferb!

Hope you've gotten a little inspiration!

What are you going to be?


Diana said...

Cute both then and now! Where did you girls get this dress up gene? I hate to dress up. It is spirit week at school and I won't even put on team logos!

Ashley said...

I love the Xmen idea! So cute.

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